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Professional Introductions

Experienced team

With more than 20 years’ rich experience in trade matching and our knowledge in various industries and markets we stay at the forefront of our core industries and new business development.  We are able to arrange introductions, conduct due dilligence, and start a vetting process and help you select the best potential business partners.   Our services range from manufacturing to industrial real estate; high tech calibration items,  or air-conditioning.

Garments & Acccessories

En Vogue, On time

The clothing industry is a major manufacturing sector of Hong Kong. It is the third largest manufacturing employer in Hong Kong, with 825 establishments hiring 6,266 workers as of May 2015.  Hong Kong is a leading production centre and a hub for clothing sourcing globally.   Hong Kong  garment traders are experienced in fabrics procurement, sales and marketing, quality control, logistic arrangements, clothing designs and international and national rules and regulations.    All Asia Exports Limited can help you source the right manufacturer; manage your purchase orders; ensure timely payment of suppliers; oversee timely shipping and more.  We currently work with large companies in North America, Central America, and Europe.

Furniture, Home Décor and more

Home Sweet Home

China has now become the world’s largest furniture production base and exporter.   The China National Furniture Association (CNFA),states that the Pearl River Delta has the highest concentration of the furniture industry with the highest production output and strongest integrated support capability. 

There are more than 5 thousand  furniture manufacturers in China; India boasts more than 400 corporate manufacturers excluding tradesmen; Malaysia a similar number.   In this industry one will also find a wide range of home décor & soft furnishings.  Asia offers a deep pool of experience, variety, diverse levels of quality, simplicity orcomplexity and price.  All Asia Exports Limited can source the right partner for you.

Sanitary Ware

Shades of White

All Asia Exports Limited was created after the senior buyer of a company in Nicaragua narrated the tragic story of their purchase of two 40' containers with toilet bowls, handbasins and matching pedestals in white; only to find upon arrival in Nicaragua 3 very different shades of white.  When the buyer called to complain, the person they had been working with for months to place the order was no longer with the company.  As if by magic, no one spoke English anymore, and no, "the container cannot be returned, sorry".

At our doorstep:  Thailand and China, 2 of the ceramics powerhouses in the region!  We can assist you to source the best, innovative and competitive sanitary ware, fixtures and decor.